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The Oahe Dam, the worlds 15th largest fill dam, is the 2nd biggest dam on the Missouri River system. The water extends 231 miles up river towards Bismarck, North Dakota. Oahe Lake, a favorite for tournament fisherman, is a huge lake with over 2250 miles of shoreline. Building the dam began in 1948 by the the US Army Corps of Engineers and was completed in 1961 with the water at top level in 1962. More

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The Dakotas have some of the best fishing waters in North America. Anglers in the Dakotas find premium fishing opportunities in and around the dams, prairie rivers, and enormous reservoirs. The nearly 30 types of fish are available in the Dakotas that provide anglers with a assortment of fishing. Some of the most popular fish in the area are walleye, salmon, bluegill, crappie, perch, bass, pike, trout and catfish. With some exceptions, Dakota fishing seasons are open year-round, providing quality fishing for everyone, during any season.

Two of the most popular and productive fisheries in the country are North Dakota's Devils Lake and South Dakotas Lake Oahe. These are top notch fishing lakes and fishermen from across the country come to enjoy the great catches.

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Anyone can benefit from a fishing guide’s local knowledge, techniques and access to otherwise inaccessible areas. Enjoy the benefits of fishing with a local guide.


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